Thakeham-sponsored Ben Hingeley shares his passion for motorsport

Thakeham-sponsored Ben Hingeley talks to us about his journey into motorsport, what our backing means to him and what drives him to achieve. 

How did you get into motorsport?

“I got into motorsport through my dad, who used to go on test days with his friends. I had a go and was hooked straight away!

How often do you train and what does off-track training look like?

“I train in the gym a lot! I work with Ben Owen and the fitness instructors at Fast Way to Fitness. They’ve really brought me on in the time I’ve been working with them. I train with them around three times a week on muscle conditioning and endurance; then I do sessions on my own, usually more cardio based.

What have you been up to over the last few months?

“Training hard, enjoying the season and clearly setting my goals for each round!

How does our sponsorship help you?

“Thakeham’s backing means everything to my racing, without it I simply wouldn’t be able to race! I can’t thank Thakeham enough, for the opportunity they have given me to progress in the sport I love.

What are your aspirations for this season and the future beyond?

“The first goal is to become British Formula 3 champion! I want to win; the team want to win and we’ll do everything we can to put on a strong title fight! Formula 1 will always be the absolute goal – it’s the principle of motorsport in my eyes – it’s where everyone wants to be so it makes my performance so much more important! And with the way the sport is at present, I need a lot of sponsorship to get there!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into motorsport?

“In my view, motorsport is the best sport, and anyone looking to get into motorsport or is already involved, will say the same! My advice is, do your research. There are tracks all over the country so it doesn’t matter where you’re from – all the info you need will be available to you at those tracks.

Who do you most admire in the industry and why?

“That’s a real tough one! There are so many drivers I admire for different reasons; Lewis Hamilton for his pace and passion for the sport; Michael Schumacher for his passion to win at all costs; and Fernando Alonso because, in my eyes, even though he’s in one of the worst cars, he’s one of the best all-round drivers on the grid.

What are the next steps from Formula 3? What are the main differences in the classes?

“There are several different ways forward but I think the next step is into Europe and into something like GP3 or FIA F3. In these classes, there’s much more downforce and power, the tracks are all over Europe and in the case of GP3, it’s worldwide.

Are you a slave to a training diet?

“I watch what I eat but I enjoy myself too. For me, if you are not enjoying what you are doing and everything that goes with it, you’ll never succeed. But yes, I am aware of what I am eating and keeping slim and light.

Who/What have been your main inspirations?

“I just love racing in general. I love how so many emotions can happen in just an hour or even 10 minutes and how it can bring people together to work as a team! I’m always involved in motorsport. When I’m not racing myself I’m helping younger drivers and trying to develop their talent. I enjoy helping them progress and watching them win!”

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