Bring your pet to work day 2022!

Since the start of 2021, Thakeham launched a Health and Wellbeing Initiative, with the aim to help the awareness and improvement of the employees mental health.

Thakeham Health and Wellbeing Initiative

The health and wellbeing of the Thakeham Family is of utmost importance to us, we pride ourselves to hold ‘People’ at the core of our values. In what has been a trying time for all over the last couple of years, we wanted to launch an initiative to help promote positivity in the ourselves and in the workplace, alongside providing important moments to come together online as we work from home. There has been a mix of informative sessions, challenges and fun events open to all. At the start of this week we had a Lunch and Learn about ‘Being Resilient’.

Our fantastic HR team has put together a calendar of activities for us all to enjoy, today was the crowd favourite, bring your pet to work day!

Meeting the fluffy members of the Thakeham Family

The much anticipated calendar invite arrived today, and on a Friday no-less! Thakeham Family members old and new came together this morning to meet each other’s pets, we met animals ranging from Cats, Dogs, Horses, Fish, Chickens, Sheep,… and even Degus! It was a fantastic way to give us all some pet therapy, filled with lots of laughter and adoring ‘awhs’.

What’s next in the calendar?

Throughout the initiative we have held a distance challenge, with the aim to collectively clock as many miles as possible, turning the equivalent miles into travelling across the globe. Last year, we combined our miles and reached half way across America! This year, we are heading East. Be it walking, running, cycling or even horse riding. Or for those who prefer to kick back, relax and catch up with their colleagues, we have officially opened the ‘Kitchen and Garden Arms’ – A virtual pub! A great way for us to stay in contact in a social setting whilst we work from home.

Up next is the Thakeham Quiz Night. Where we bring out our competitive sides to get the most points by the end of the night!

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