Prime Minister Boris Johnson takes keen interest in Thakeham’s net zero ambitions

This year Thakeham attended the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, to engage with key decision makers about the issue of sustainable community creation.

Paving the way for our industry

This year’s Conservative Party Conference has seen several vital discussions surrounding our industry-leading, net zero placemaking and how we work in harmony with the environment through our biodiversity net gain.

We engaged with a variety of high level decision makers, such as: Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister and Lord Chancellor, and Rishi Sunak, MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer – we have been paving the way for our industry through these vital discussions.

The Thakeham stand also benefitted from an expert in Sustainability, Josie Thornewill, our Head of Sustainability at Thakeham, who delivered a range of master classes everyday throughout the event.

Living our values

The conference saw the debut of our 100% recyclable, biodiversity-focused stand. With features ranging from:

  •  Wooden frame of the ‘Green Room’ was made from recycled scaffolding boards
  •  Wood on the main frame was made from recycled pallets
  •  Plants were grown in nursery 20 miles away from venue – reducing transportation
  •  Plants were returned to the nursery for use in other events and living walls
  •  Branding and Living Wall Planters made from recycled materials, and were 100% recyclable
  •  Main stand structure was reused 6 times
  • ‘Green Room’ structure will be recycled at the Therme Manchester Marathon in October for a charity booth

Watch this video to see Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, attend our stand at the Conservative Party Conference.

For more information on our Sustainability Strategy, please click here.

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