Thakeham Group thanks its staff by gifting entire business 1 week’s annual leave in 2021

New Year’s cheer

As the kick off to 2021 may not be what most of us had hoped, Thakeham wanted to spread some cheer beyond the festive season. 

January can be tough at the best of times but this year, Thakeham has given its staff something to look forward to. As a thank you for the hard work and determination of the team and in recognition of the achievements of the last 12 months, Thakeham wants to give something back. The board has taken the decision to gift the entire business an extra week off at Easter.

A well-earned break

CEO, Rob Boughton comments ‘This gives our valued team time to be spent with their loved ones and families, hopefully by Easter some form of normality will have returned and we can all take advantage of this properly. If not, it will be a well-earned break from the hard work and dedication we have seen from our employees over the last year.’

Our staff

The tricky bit will be deciding what to do with the extra time off! We caught up with a couple of our staff to see what they had in mind…

Charlie Adams, Design Manager said ‘I’m hoping that some of the restrictions might have eased off by April, so we can all enjoy the free week off to its maximum potential. I’m sure I will be spending my time off relaxing, going for long walks or possibly even getting away somewhere if Boris allows it! It’s great to know that all the hard work people have been putting in is not just being recognised, but also rewarded.’

Nicky Smith, PA to the CEO said ‘I can honestly say that I don’t think any of us were expecting to be gifted an extra week’s holiday this year but that is what the Thakeham Board of Directors have done, as a thank you, and it really is such a lovely gesture, and I’m sure welcomed by all of us.  I feel very lucky to work for a company that recognises the needs of their staff.’

Georgie Dawson, Group Marketing Manager said ‘I’m hoping we may be in the position to go abroad by April – I still have an unused flight from a cancelled holiday last year to use up! The gift of an extra week off has been so gratefully received by all those in the team, it’s wonderful that amidst everything going on, we have a little something to look forward to! Thank you Thakeham!’

*pictures taken summer 2019

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