The Guardian Acknowledges Thakeham’s Support for Government Carbon Emissions Targets

A national newspaper has recognised Thakeham’s support for Government Carbon emissions targets.

Government targets propose that emissions should be reduced by three quarters and the majority said the target was not ambitious enough.

A freedom of information request by Unearthed and the investigations arm of the environmental charity Greenpeace, revealed that 2% of homebuilders consulted on the future homes standard were still resisting Government plans to reduce carbon emissions.

Greenpeace UK’s head of climate, Kate Blagojevic, said: “We urgently need government policies that force housebuilders to start building homes fit for a zero-carbon future because it’s clear the industry won’t do it by themselves. Not only will this slash emissions but it will also make people’s homes warmer, cheaper to run and, with the right incentives, create a domestic heat pump and green homes industry that would deliver new jobs and boost the economy.”

In 2020, Thakeham launched a new threefold crusade to become Carbon Neutral by 2025. Specifically, we have pledged that every Thakeham home will be zero carbon in lifetime operation; that each home built will be carbon neutral in production; and, Thakeham Group as a whole will also be zero carbon.

The article in the Guardian revealed:

Barratt, Berkeley and Thakeham homes all supported the target, as did the Home Builders Federation, which represents housebuilders, according to the response released under environmental transparency laws.

Rob Boughton, CEO of Thakeham, said: “Here at Thakeham, we make no secret of our focus on zero carbon targets. Whilst we support the Government campaign, we have introduced bigger targets of our own which exceed those set out for the house building industry.

“We have already implemented a raft of pioneering zero carbon measures to lead and inspire the industry response. We stand shoulder to shoulder with other developers who share our ambitious vision for sustainable community creation. It’s simply too important not to.”

Thakeham is the UK’s first housebuilder on the SME Climate Hub to join the United Nations’ ‘Race to Zero’ campaign. We are one of only five housebuilders in the construction sector globally to join the ‘Race to Zero’.


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