Our vision

Thakeham’s vision is to create an amazing place to live. A place that is an asset to its surroundings and helps the community live a more sustainable lifestyle. Our three key principles are to ensure 20% biodiversity net gain, zero carbon homes and sustainable transport in our developments.

To support this claim we will offer an array of amenities, including:

  • Approximately 600 – 800 new market and affordable homes
  • A new, community focused local centre offering a range of facilities and amenities including shops, café, a pub/restaurant and health facilities
  • New primary school with nursery
  • New flexible working spaces
  • New and improved pedestrian, cycle and public transport connections
  • New leisure/sports facilities around existing lake, together with wide range of play spaces and sports pitches
  • Significant biodiversity enhancements




Community Life

Thakeham’s approach to sustainable transport starts with the principle of reducing the need to travel.

Getting around will be easy with safe, off-road pedestrian and cycling friendly routes making them a more attractive option over the car.

Residents who want to make working from home a relaxing experience will have the option of a garden office as part of the purchase process of their house, allowing their home the flexibility to suit changing lifestyles.

Electric vehicle charging is provided as standard on every Thakeham home.


The ‘green corridors’ centred through the Site, helps to strengthen the green network within and around the Site. This corridor contributes to creating a well connected community with ample green spaces. These green corridors will also support the ecology and biodiversity of the area.

Net Zero by 2025

We believe we have a responsibility as community creators, to understand that climate change is the most important issue facing us and future generations. That’s why Thakeham has made a public declaration to become Net Zero by 2025, including our whole impact across our homes, the production, and our business emissions. We are also supporting the industry in the charge towards Net Zero as part of the Future Homes Hub.

Our fabric first approach is what makes our homes intuitive enough for anyone to live a more sustainable life. Through exceeding Passivhaus’ Space Heating Standard, we limit heat losses whilst allowing a careful mix of natural and controlled ventilation. Renewable energy backs up our designs to ensure homes are easy to operate and residents are more energy resilient.



Thakeham has hit it’s goal to be a carbon
neutral business, five years early.

Thakeham was the first UK housebuilder to sign the SME Climate Commitment, joining us to the UN’s Race To Zero campaign. Our carbon emissions are verified and we have been awarded our Carbon Neutral certification by Planet Mark, committing us to emissions reductions each year.


At Thakeham, we want to see a world where seeing a hedgehog is an everyday experience. The proposal will provide a benefit to nature alongside a significant amount of usable open space for the community and existing residents. Biodiversity-focused landscaping will form a key part of the proposal, and will be seeking to provide a net gain for biodiversity of more than 20% as well as increasing people’s connection to nature.


Nature Recovery is important to Thakeham and we are working to halt biodiversity loss, provide resilient habitats and educate young people about wildlife. Thakeham works closely with charities such as the Wildlife Trusts, to increase people’s awareness and understanding of the natural world and deepening their relationship with it.

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