Did you know, Hedgehogs….

Find out more about the UK hedgehog here…

1st – 7th May is National Hedgehog Awareness Week and Thakeham is committed to making a difference.

Did you know, research shows a huge decline in hedgehog numbers and if we do not act now, we face the fact that our long standing prickly friend will not be here for our children and their children to enjoy.

Hedgehog Infographic

We have created an infographic of facts and figures about the UK hedgehog, with tips for looking after hedgehogs visiting your garden. You can download and save, print, share, refer to when you have a visiting hog! To view our infographic, please click here

To find out more about our commitment, click here and read about how Thakeham will be putting hog holes in fences in new homes developments. If we all commit to one small action, we can make a difference.

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