Vox pops

We are delighted to share short video clips from our speakers and members of the audience.

Robert Boughton

Our Group Managing Director shares his key thoughts from today – “…the big issue of housing does not go away.”

Charlie Collins

Charlie Collins sounds optimistic – “At the moment, the market is quite buoyant in planning!

John Slaughter

John Slaughter takes away the importance of diversity in our future house building.

Robert Colvile

Robert Colville finds value in spending time outside of Westminster with industry experts.

Jeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor from the audience – “Excellent…with cynicism and wit.” 

Daniel Hayman

Danial Hayman is keen to hear more about satisfying local demand and how we address the skills shortage.

Rick Topman

Rick Topman was impressed by our panel of experts and the knowledge and insights shared.

Harry Groucott

Harry Groucott was keen to understand more about the risks the industry faces and how we deliver the quality housing the nation deserves.

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