Exciting times for The Thakeham Group

A successful business

A message from the Directors:

“As is the nature of all successful businesses, with growth and expansion comes change. At Thakeham, our success has paved the way for exciting, expansive projects, further establishing our name as one of the leading house builders and main contract builders in the South East.

Thakeham share its exciting vision with the Thakeham family

“We wanted to bring the Thakeham team together, in one place – to share our vision for the future. We held our first Thakeham event for the whole team at South Lodge, West Sussex. It was a great opportunity for us to thank everyone for their hard work, and to vocalise the important part that everyone plays in delivering the Thakeham promise. It is the team of passionate and highly skilled people that has led to our growth and will enable us to deliver our vision for the future.

The Thakeham Group thanks its staff for the hard work that has lefd to huge growth and expansion

Quality and quantity

“The Thakeham Group will deliver over 600 new homes during 2018/19 and this number will grow. Our passion for creating quality homes remains our greatest strength. We are growing, we are changing – we are recruiting more local people, promoting members of our existing team, striving to reach out to military veterans and college leavers to offer exciting career prospects, continuing to invest in skills and technology – and importantly, inspiring our team and our extended team of suppliers, contractors, consultants and other professionals, to deliver high quality new homes for the South East.

Thakeham share it's vision and thanks its staff for their hard work at South Lodge

A special ethos

“We have a special ethos at Thakeham – we have always embraced family led values – we are all local people, delivering across an area we know well, working together as a team. This ethos, these values, will grow and evolve as our business grows – but will remain as important today, as they were 10 years ago.

“We would like to thank the team for helping us achieve so much and we look forward to a bright and exciting future.”

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