Listen Up – Josie C-Thornewill joins Gowling WLG’s Podcast dicussing the importance of Sustainability

Approach to net-zero 2025

Our approach to net-zero 2025 has been a key part of our Thakeham30 plan and is something we pride ourselves in as a business who generally cares.

Sustainability director Josie C-Thornewill joined Daniel leather, co-head of Gowling WLG’s Living sector team, and discussed the importance of sustainability and how Thakeham’s is taking the correct measures and commitments with net zero to ensure we have a bright and, most importantly, green future.

Explaining what our three big commitments are – Net zero carbo homes, scope 3 emissions and becoming a carbon neutral company. Josie explained what steps we are taking as a business to ensure these steps are carried out correctly alongside the many benefits that come with these changes.

A new normal

Josie also highlighted the importance of biodiversity being incorporated into the present and all prospects explaining that short baseline syndrome has got people accustomed to a certain way of living and we need to push towards ‘improving everyone’s normal’. Not only is this adding to everyone’s everyday experience, but with the public becoming more conscious about problems we face in the future, its important we make sure we guide this and the new generation to a more sustainable society.


As you’d expect, it’s not just about the technicalities but also the people. Josie explained how although her and senior management share a passion for sustainability, they cannot do it all on their own. That’s why Thakeham’s ideologies and passion are spread to every department in the company, allowing new ideas to blossom from all different professions. Josie described Thakeham as an ‘Innovation group’ which are actively looking for ways to combat commons and promote sustainability throughout the business, on all levels.

Thank you, Josie, for the continuous work and educational insights you offer to everyone at Thakeham, and we recommend everyone give this podcast a listen to when given the chance.

You can find the podcast in the icons below. Here’s to net zero 2025

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