Conference success for Thakeham in Bournemouth

Thakeham enjoys successful debut at the Liberal Democrats Party Conference in Bournemouth and wins Best Commercial Stand.

Exhibitor award winners

We enjoyed our debut at the Liberal Democrats Conference, showcasing our popular bricklaying activity. Winning praise from MPs as innovative and ‘great fun’, delegates queued to lay their brick in the Thakeham wall, and to have their say on what they want to see in the future of house building. For its impressive presence, our Thakeham stand took the coveted ‘Best Commercial Stand’ award – this came as no surprise to the many delegates going home with new bricklaying skills!

Lib Dems Conference Best stand

Thakeham team in demand

While the bricklaying experts demonstrated their trade and shared advice to those trying their hand at laying a brick, other delegates queued to talk with the Thakeham team about our infrastructure-led approach to housing and development.

What does the future hold for the housebuilding industry?

During these uncertain times in UK politics, we are determined to be part of the conversation about the future of house building. We will hold our own conference at the beginning of 2020 where our predictions and ambitions for the housebuilding industry will be presented alongside the views of industry experts. Don’t miss our “What’s Next: 2020 conference – contact us to find out more.

Big names pay us a visit

Party Leader, Jo Swinson, Party President, Sal Brinton, Former Leader, Vince Cable and Dr Dick Newby, Leader of the Liberal Democrat in the House of Lords, all tried a hand at bricklaying on the Thakeham stand. Among a long list of other delegates, they all took time to discuss the issues facing the UK in the future of house building with our team of industry experts.

Liberal Democrats Conference

Leading the debate

Our Group Managing Director, Rob Boughton, hosted a fringe event where he led a discussion on housing and the generational divide. A hot topic and one which had delegates not only standing but queuing out of the door, keen to be part of the debate.

Liberal Democrats Conference

See you next year #LibDemConference

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