Coronavirus / COVID-19

“Thakeham Group is determined to play its part in limiting the effect of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 in our communities.

I’d like to put on record how proud I am of the way Thakeham Group, our partners and supply chain have worked together in the face of such uncertain times. I am humbled by our collective resilience in the face of such a monumental challenge.

From the beginning of the Pandemic Thakeham Group staff have shared and debated our concerns about the best way to safely manage our business. My fellow directors and I continue to discuss how to safeguard our colleagues, our contractors’, our customers’ and local residents’ welfare.

There’s never a moment that passes when health and wellbeing isn’t foremost in all our minds.

In facing that challenge, Thakeham Group’s response has seen changes to working practices of a magnitude never seen before in the construction industry. We continue to add additional measures to the Government and Public Health England guidelines to ensure our colleagues can still work safely.

At an early stage, Thakeham initiated new staff protocols about working from home, social distancing and advised on avoiding meetings and non-priority travel.

Since then, our measures have been updated and shared regularly. We offer support for colleagues with concerns. For complete clarity and transparency, we have published and shared all our measures online and I continue to deliver regular video updates.”

“On Thakeham’s building sites, we have adapted our operations to increase our already high levels of hygiene, including additional cleaning, social distancing, PPE and health checks. We have also adopted industry best practices from construction professional bodies in addition to Government and Public Health England guidance. For some time and where it is appropriate, we have full personal protection equipment readily available.

We are now proud to be amongst the first home builders to have signed the HBF and MHCLG launch Charter for Safe Working Practice. Thakeham has supported the HBF in working with government to develop a ‘Charter for safe working practice – Covid-19’.

We know that the guidelines will help us to keep our staff, our contractors, our suppliers, local residents and our customers safe.

Thakeham Group will now display the Charter on its sites throughout the South East. The Charter reinforces our continuing commitment to safe working.

I continue to talk with our colleagues and our contractors. As you’d expect, our measures to maintain health and safety have dominated our conversations. Their feedback continues to shape our evolving working practices.

We have also discussed how the chronic UK need for affordable and social housing will only be made more acute by additional economic pressures triggered by the pandemic. Those pressures will make our work for housing associations, local councils and the communities we serve ever-more essential.

Thank you, again, to everyone in the Thakeham family who continues to work safely for the communities we serve.”

Rob Boughton, CEO, Thakeham Group


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