At Thakeham, we want to see a world where seeing a hedgehog is an everyday experience. We believe that developments should provide accessible natural areas close to people’s homes, designed to complement the wider local landscape and linking up large, nature-rich open spaces with a network of green and blue corridors. Community green spaces can bring people together; and local parks and woods are valuable places for people to walk, play and unwind in.

Biodiversity Net Gain

Thakeham Homes developments will achieve at least a 20% Biodiversity Net Gain, supporting a nature recovery network to bring back wildlife to every neighbourhood.


We believe that education on natural processes and native flora and fauna helps plant the seeds for living sustainable lifestyles in the future. We are developing an industry-leading holistic education package aligned with Thakeham’s values of placemaking and enhancing communities to be delivered in each of the areas we work in.

Climate Resilience

We want the environments we create to thrive for generations to come, so are working with organisations to help us design landscapes that benefits people and wildlife. All of our developments incorporate green and blue infrastructure to ensure that the buildings and developments we construct are resilient to extreme weather, as well as methods to ensure the protection of this is for future generations.

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