We are proud to announce that Rt. Hon, former Prime Minister, Theresa May, MP, has officially opened the Northern Counties Regional Office.

An important step

We carry a great sense of pride with our new office, it is a true representation of our growth and courage to create unique, sustainable communities for people to work, play and thrive.

Rob Boughton, CEO of Thakeham, said, “More than ever before, residents of Thames Valley are turning to their local authorities, planners and developers to create thriving new communities. Our new local base will help us to understand and deliver for residents in the area.”

Community creators

As a socially responsible community creator our aim is to enhance the communities we create, to make positive contributions to the lives of the people who live there. We are eager to discover the opportunities we will come across in this next chapter as we continue our work to deliver Zero Carbon homes by 2025 in production and lifetime use.

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