Safeguarding health

At an uncertain time for us all, this is a short update to confirm the stringent steps we are taking to safeguard the health of our residents, staff, contractors and the wider community.

Thakeham sites remain open and operating according to the UK Government’s, Public Health England and the Construction Council’s strict guidelines on how construction sites can continue to operate.

Thakeham Group was an early signatory of the HBF and MHCLG launch Charter for Safe Working Practice. The HBF has been working with government to develop a ‘Charter for safe working practice – Covid-19’.

Copies of the charter and further guidance can be found on our web page or directly from the HBF website. Alternatively it is available in a downloadable format below:


Download here

We have introduced a comprehensive range of measures of our own in addition to the Government’s strict guidelines. We are now insisting that:

  • Workers do not work in groups of more than two
  • All people on site maintain social distancing
  • When necessary, as a matter of routine full personal protection equipment is issued
  • Everyone entering a Thakeham site is routinely temperature and has a health check
  • Everyone entering a Thakeham site is monitored for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Access to sites is denied to anyone displaying symptoms or refusing to answer health questions and take the routine temperature check
  • Our on-site staff and contractors remain on-site until they leave to go home
  • Workers wear gloves and to continue to wash their hands frequently
  • Travel to and from work is restricted to each worker’s own vehicle


Stringent guidelines also mean that meetings are now online and visits to our construction sites are restricted to approved personnel. Any visitors exercise social distancing in addition to the other safety measures.

Wellbeing and safety continue to be our main priority at Thakeham Group. Our precautions continue to evolve in response to the latest Government and Public Health England advice.

To discover the full range of evolving measures in response to COVID-19 and Government advice:

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