Jenny Andersson

CEO, We Activate The Future

As CEO of We Activate The Future, Jenny Andersson helps organisations develop strategies and narratives which incorporate planetary social and environmental purpose at the heart of business.

brand and business strategist

Following an emotive video that highlights just how severe our impact as a species has been on the planet, Jenny began her presentation with the provocative statement: decarbonise or die.

Jenny states that we are simply not doing enough about carbon emissions. She speaks in detail about the problems of deforestation, the declining number of species on the plant and our warming oceans, to name just a few.

Last year saw a significant change in attitudes due to two movements: Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion. These uprisings have sparked an increasing interest in Carbon Zero. UK businesses are still heavily dependent on fossil fuels and Jenny emphasizes the importance of not underestimating the challenge ahead. We must make fundamental changes to our infrastructure, in order reach ambitious environmental goals by 2050.

As a businesswoman and an environmentalist, Jenny speaks about how these necessary changes for businesses should be viewed as an opportunity.

This is a must view video.

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