Robert Colvile

Director of the CPS and Editor-in-Chief of CapX

Robert Colvile is Director of the CPS and Editor-in-Chief of CapX. He was previously head of comment at the Daily and Sunday Telegraph and news director at BuzzFeed UK, as well as an editor, columnist and lead writer with the Telegraph.

The politics of housebuilding

“This is an ownership crisis, not a housing crisis.”

Robert joins us once again to provide a political overview for the housing market. While he remains true to his statement that Britain is a nation divided by housing – his 2019 prediction that youth was a key driver in how voters behave didn’t actually happen and in fact what we have seen is a movement led by home ownership.

Statistics show key issues are voting by age and voting by housing tenure. The South East is seeing Labour voters being pushed out of London “early”. The old pattern saw people living in London, growing up and then decided to move out of London; today we are seeing people pushed out of London earlier and this is resulting in the south east seeing more of a mix of Tory and Labour voters.

Robert discusses a few key questions – will there be planning reform, how will they rebalance the market towards home ownership, will they doing anything on Stamp Duty, what comes after Help to Buy. View the video below to find out more.

We need to rebalance the housing market – this is an ownership crisis and not a housing crisis.

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