Robert Colvile

Director of the CPS and Editor-in-Chief of CapX

Robert Colvile is Director of the CPS and Editor-in-Chief of CapX. He was previously head of comment at the Daily and Sunday Telegraph and news director at BuzzFeed UK, as well as an editor, columnist and lead writer with the Telegraph.

The politics of housebuilding

As editor-in-chief of CapX and previous experience as head of comment at the Daily and Sunday Telegraph, Robert’s highly-regarded commentary and views on the politics of housebuilding were incredibly insightful.

Offering a different perspective, he focused on statistics highlighting the differences between voting behaviours and home ownership. Placing significant weight on the population’s aspiration to own, stating home ownership is a concept that allows the electorate to feel part of a community, Robert demonstrated that the industry faces an ownership crisis rather than a Housing one.

Providing statistics proving that home ownership within the younger generation is the lowest it has been since 1926, Robert’s thoughts on the correlation between this issue and their political allegiance echoed those of John Slaughter’s presentation.

To conclude, he discusses that regardless of government, there is now a political commitment to housing. In the medium to long-term, Robert believes the future of housing in construction is bright, with the obstacles facing us getting fewer and demand increasing.

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