A step by step guide to moving home

Preparing to move

To help ensure that you don’t forget anything important before you move to your new Thakeham home, we’ve provided some advice on things to consider as your move in day approaches.

Three to four weeks before:

  • Obtain quotes from removal companies and confirm what is included within the price. Remember not to confirm a booking until you have received your 14 day notice to complete.
    The British Association of Removers are a useful resource.
  • Check your home’s contents are insured during your move and arrange contents insurance (and home insurance, if a freehold property) for your new home from the day of completion.
  • Begin to pack the items that you don’t need to use every day, ensuring boxes are clearly labelled with both the room and contents details. This will help when you come to unpack!
  • Sort through your possessions and have a good clear out – this will help to ease the packing and unpacking!
  • Arrange telephone, broadband and satellite connection for your new home, so that you are ready to place an order for installation once notice to complete is confirmed.
  • Check your car and ensure it is has been recently serviced, particularly if you are moving a long distance.
  • Have a tool kit handy; you are bound to need a screw driver at some point!

Two weeks before:

  • Once notice to complete is served, it is important that you liaise with your solicitor to check that arrangements are in place for all funds to be made available to them ahead of your completion day and that you have signed the final legal paperwork.
  • Now that you have a fixed date for completion, you can confirm removal orders and any post-completion works.
  • Let everyone know of your change of address. You can use our handy Moving Home Checklist or you can visit I Am Moving.
  • Continue to pack up your home, including sheds, garages and lofts.
  • Arrange overnight accommodation should you require it.
  • Considering arranging childcare with friends or family for your moving day.
  • Confirm overnight accommodation for any pets that you may have, as the moving process can be very stressful for animals.

One week before:

  • Check your removals arrangements.
  • Keep important documents and contact numbers together and to hand, just in case!
  • Check you that have notified all the relevant people and companies of your new address, and arrange a Royal Mail Redirect for your post.
  • When shopping online, confirm that they have the correct delivery address and date of delivery; it’s very easy for addresses to default when ordering online.
  • Aim to finish packing a week before the move date, apart from any essentials that you will need. Keep spare packing materials aside.
  • Prepare your Move In Day essentials pack, and cast your eye back over this list to make sure you don’t forget anything important!

The day before:

  • Make calls to the removal company and any other suppliers to confirm all details and timings.
  • Order a takeaway for the evening and make sure you have some plates and utensils to hand.
  • Dismantle and disconnect any electrical appliances that will be moving with you.
  • Pack your final items and clearly label boxes – leaving a couple of boxes for last minute items.
  • Ensure your mobile phones are fully charged and the chargers are somewhere safe.
  • Defrost the fridge and freezer.

On your moving day:

  • Pack all those last minute odds and ends.
  • Turn down the heating and any remaining appliances.
  • Take a note of your final meter readings of your current home to make sure you are correctly billed by your existing energy suppliers.
  • Once the removal company has left and you have finished loading your last minute possessions, take a good look around to ensure that you have packed everything, including all outside areas and lofts, sheds and garages.
  • Check all windows and doors are locked.
  • Close the door and make your way to your new Thakeham home.
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