Thakeham attend Footprint+ to discuss Net-zero and Sustainability

Last week we travelled to the Footprint+ conference in Brighton. The Conference offered an exciting opportunity to contribute towards the regions debate on Net zero and share details about how sustainability is a key factor driving our strategy going forward in our business plan.

The event involved hundreds of representatives from every sector of the UK property market who travelled to Brighton to connect, share and learn about the latest ways to achieve Net-Zero in real estate.

The prestigious line up of speakers attending the conference was joined by our CEO, Rob Boughton and Sustainability Director, Josie C-Thornewill. Both Rob and Josie took to the stage to answer questions and contribute to the discussions.



Josie attended day two of the conference. She spoke about the formula behind zero-carbon residential developments. This is something we have been focusing on with all our developments to ensure we don’t just provide residents with a home but also a low-cost and sustainable future.

Josie revealed how technology must be both intuitive and build a strong infrastructure within our communities. Part of any successful change includes educating residents on how they can reduce their carbon footprint and how to use the homes as needed.

Investment in both infrastructure and the fabric standards of buildings allows Thakeham to create a formula for success; which in turn helps us to reach our goals for the future and eventually bring them into reality.

Financing The Carbon Revolution

Partners from housing developments joined forces on day three. Representatives explained how funding models and partnerships with public and private funders are making low and zero-carbon homes a reality.

Thakeham’s Rob Boughton stated that Thakeham’s three commitments that every home they build will be zero carbon in lifetime operation; that each home built will be carbon neutral in production; and, Thakeham Group as a whole will also be zero carbon are the best way to achieve the wider societal goal of fighting climate change. We also believe that new homes are the easiest way to deliver this.

We also discussed the wider carbon footprint of homeowners and how Thakeham develops our Net-zero strategy to help. Thakeham seeks inspiration outside the housebuilding industry and welcomes expert advice through our partnerships.

We summed up with an overview of Thakeham achievements to date, celebrating the dedication of local authorities, housing associations, and funders who make all of this possible.

Thank you to everyone we met at Footprint+. We look forward to meeting many of you again soon.









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