Thakeham sponsors Goodwood Festival of Speed

Thakeham sponsors the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Aligning your brand with another is not a new idea, but these partnerships are increasingly forged between companies whose products, at first sight, seem to have little common ground.

For instance, property and fast cars may not be the most obvious of partners. But there are often shared values, ambitions and characteristics beneath those superficial differences. Our sponsorship of the Goodwood Festival of Speed is a classic example of thinking outside the box and reaping the benefits. An event that celebrates heritage, community and quality proved to be the perfect match for our own values.

A marriage of values is something that has worked very well for Nestlé’s classic KitKat bar and Google’s Android 4.4 phone, which was code-named KitKat while under development. Apart from the name, the two products would appear to be miles apart. Yet, the idea of taking a break, famously expressed in KitKat’s famous slogan, does have commonality with the smart phone user taking a break to check messages, play a game, look at photos etc. It provided the perfect opportunity to brand the break moment online, with a campaign that has had over 3.18 million YouTube views.

Attention to detail and craftsmanship

In the case of Thakeham and Goodwood, it’s a little easier to identify these key overlaps. Attention to detail and craftsmanship is on clear display at Goodwood, with its incredible collection of vintage cars.

“These attributes are at the forefront of Thakeham’s building philosophy: it’s about carefully designing homes that reflect an area’s architectural vernacular. Build quality is paramount, as is creating a place that is beautiful to look at, live in and be part of.

“We are also deeply committed to supporting the communities in which we build. And as one of the most famous events in the area, Goodwood is a natural choice for Thakeham to support, its own home being Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.”

Robert Boughton, Group Managing Director, Thakeham

Establishing strong relationships

We understand the importance of establishing a strong relationship with the communities we work in. A visible presence and clear demonstration of support at key events is an effective way of increasing recognition and appreciation among the local population.

If you’ve ever attended the Festival of Speed, you’ll know that heritage is no barrier to forward thinking and top performance. We are similarly mindful of building traditions and the heritage of the areas it builds in; looking ahead to provide quality new homes for future generations, while leaving behind a legacy to be proud of and to be enjoyed for years to come.

A team approach

Motorsport is a team effort, with everyone playing a key role. We  take the same approach, building lasting relationships with its clients, partners, suppliers and contractors. Employees are truly valued by the company and given the opportunity to excel in their chosen field. Property developing requires a fine balancing act of different skills and strengths, all pulling together to deliver the optimum result.

When considering a sponsorship opportunity, take a look beyond the natural choices. You may find there is more to be gained by aligning with an event or brand that shares more with you below the surface than on it. The Citi financial services group has certainly used this to its advantage, creating a partnership with the Live Nation music events group with a visible presence through the line, from ticket sales to on site and in-show experiences and after show events. As a result, Citi has significantly boosted its share of spend in the entertainment sector.

Brand partnerships create emotional connections

To be effective, a brand partnership must have an emotional connection. Citi adds ‘cool’ to its brand by aligning with top music acts. Houses and motor sport, chocolate bars and smart phones, credit cards and rock music – with smart creative thinking, some surprising and effective brand partnerships can emerge.

We look forward to seeing you in the Family Area at the Festival of Speed this July.

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