International Women’s Day 2019

Robert Boughton

Group Managing Director

“Encouraging women into the Construction industry is an overarching ambition for Thakeham as a business and as an employer. I believe that as an industry, balance really would prove better. Welcoming opportunities wherever possible, to diversify the talent and the skills within our workforce, is a powerful and positive solution to the challenges that the coming years will bring. International Women’s Day is about celebrating how far we have come within the industry, but also about recognising what still needs to be done and Thakeham is proud to champion both today. Thakeham believes in #BalanceforBetter.”

Georgie Dawson

Group Marketing Manager

“The construction industry was never an environment I thought I would flourish in, or one I ever thought I’d want to forge a career. After two years at Thakeham and my first role within the sector, I feel supported, nurtured and genuinely excited for the opportunities I know will be available to me in the coming years of my career. I’m lucky to work for a company that values balance and recognises that delivering the results we strive for, depends on it.” #BalanceforBalance

Adam Crawford

Site Manager

‘It’s really refreshing to work for a company that not only realises the benefits of balance within the industry but openly encourages it. I’m working alongside a fantastic female Trainee Site Manager, which has highlighted to me the need for more women in our sector, as well as the exciting opportunities that can come about when balance is in play. #BalanceforBetter

Ellie Wilkins

Trainee Site Manager

As a trainee site manager, it is important to be organised, to be a strong communicator and to enjoy working with people. Housebuilding is a huge team effort – not only with the team on site but also in the office and with many suppliers, contractors and professionals. It is so satisfying to see a project literally come out of the ground. There are traditionally more men on site than women but don’t let that put you off exploring a career in house building – it is a great sector to be part of. #BalanceforBetter – of course, both men and women bring value!

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