Tradition, hard work and innovation at Ghyll Croft, Newick

Importance in tradition

The Thakeham Group is proud to continue a long-standing tradition: The Topping Out ceremony. In October, it was time to celebrate at Ghyll Croft in Newick.

Thakeham holds a Topping Out for each of our projects, at a time when as many people as possible can attend. This gives our Group Managing Director, Robert Boughton, an opportunity to say thank you in person to as wide a team as possible.

Celebrating heritage

A fading tradition, a Topping Out is a ceremony celebrated within construction for centuries. Thakeham believes this custom is worth holding onto – it’s an event to acknowledge the hard work and commitment given by everyone involved in a construction project, and we think that’s worth celebrating!

Thakeham thanks all that worked on Ghyll Croft, Newick

Grateful for everyone’s hard work

This week we hosted a breakfast at Ghyll Croft in Newick, a small development of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom new homes. W

We put on tasty bacon and sausage sandwiches and hot drinks for our suppliers, contractors and employees to thank them for all their great team work at Newick.

Thanking all of the hard workers at Ghyll Croft, Newick- Thakeham hosts Topping Out Ceremony

Proud of our values

We are proud of our contemporary and innovative designs, aligned with a consideration and appreciation of classical design and heritage. Combining these values, we uphold long-standing traditions for the benefit of those that work with us. We value relationships and know that our partnerships enable us to deliver the exceptional standards we expect, from everyone we work with. We call this our Thakeham Family!

New Homes for Sale at Ghyll Croft, Newick

We would like to thank everyone that has contributed, and those that continue to work with us at Ghyll Croft, Newick. We couldn’t do it without you.

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