Leading the industry with modern methods of construction

Homes have changed a lot over the last 100 years, but the way we build them has not. We are at the forefront of modernising the homebuilding industry.

From better processes, to new technologies, we’re embracing modern methods of construction.

Digital transformation using 3D modelling tools

Using Building Information Modelling (BIM), we’ve converted our front-end design drawings into 3D models. This provides our architects and  construction team instant access to real time information as it happens.

Future enhancements will allow customers to walk through their dream home before construction has even started.

Our development at Newick was our first full site designed on BIM, and one of the first in the UK.



Product transformation using standard house types

We’re standardising house types that are scalable – using experience from car manufacturing. This saves us over 20% in design time.

These standard designs use the same shell, but allow for minor customisations based on the location and customer choice. We also add variations to avoid creating a row of identical homes.

93% of the homes submitted in our planning application for Horndean are house types used in other developments.



Manufacturing transformation using modular construction

By using standard processes and products, it allows us to explore opportunities for prefabricated modular building methods.

This is a largely untapped area of construction, with great potential for building new homes in the future.

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