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Audrey, Graduate Planner

The opportunity to join Thakeham as a Graduate Planner was in fact the start of my career in Planning. With a background in Environmental Science, and my Masters in Town Planning, I was looking for a role where I could be a part of contributing to communities in a sustainable way.  

Since joining the business, I have been involved in District Site Searches, Site Assessments, and various projects ranging from 10-unit schemes to 6,000 homes such as Welborne Garden Village. All the aforementioned experience has facilitated me in expanding my knowledge and simultaneously allowing me to apply the theories I learnt into practice. The mentorship and pragmatic experience together are truly invaluable for someone at the start of their professional career.  

My journey so far has been incredible and I’m very much keen and excited about the opportunities ahead.

Build your career in development & planning

Ben, Development Graduate

I joined Thakeham in 2022, and after graduating with my degree, I was excited to get the opportunity to gain some real-life experience, working in the construction industry. When I joined Thakeham I started as a ‘Strategic Graduate’ and I got the opportunity to go on a rotation around the various strategic departments including Planning, Engineering, Design and Development. This not only helped me build relationships with different colleagues, but it also gave me a detailed insight into the responsibilities and wide range of work each department undertakes.  

Now I am working as a ‘Development Graduate’ within the Development team at Thakeham. A normal day for me at work is difficult to define, as the Development team is involved in all aspects of the planning application process. This means that at any time I could be looking at financials, followed by legal documents, followed by looking at Design layouts. This wide range of skills required for the job has been a big learning curve, but also incredibly interesting for me, as no two days are ever the same.  

The best part of working at Thakeham so far for me has been the large amount of opportunity and support I have been given as a graduate. I have been encouraged and given the opportunity to present in some important meetings, and the confidence I have gained from this has been reflected in both my career and on a personal level. 

At Thakeham, I have had the chance to work on numerous projects, but one that stands out for me is Welborne. This is a legacy land Project, that will eventually provide 6,000 homes in the south of England. Thakeham are one of three developers that are building out the first phase of Welborne, and the project is unique in its high quality and bespoke design. Having stood on the land when it was a still a clear field, I am excited to visit the Site once there has been some housing completions and see the teams hard work come into fruition. 

Looking forward, I am hopeful that I can continue to progress at Thakeham, and continue to have positive impacts of projects coming forward.  

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