Sustainability is key to our commitment to create amazing places for communities and people to live, work and play.

Providing homes for everyone

While we create homes for people, we do not want to disrupt the homes of our furry or feathered friends. We ensure the retention of key habitats and proposed biodiversity enhancements across all developments, including hedgehog holes in fences and bird/bat boxes across our sites.

Charging into the future

From 2020, we will install fast electric car charging units in all of our new private build homes. These new units will enable electric vehicles to be charged more quickly and efficiently than with regular household connections, enabling homeowners to enjoy the latest environmentally-friendly vehicles as conveniently as possible.

We are reducing, reusing and recycling

On our developments, any surplus or waste wood is donated to residents and the delivery pallets are either returned or reused. We also use recycled tarmac on our paths and driveways.

We are also reducing carbon emissions with a car sharing scheme, a great way to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage green thinking among our employees.

Sustainable technology

We are always seeking to employ low carbon and water management where we can and have nominated waste champions for each site to help us reduce our emissions, idling times and fuel usage.

Our new forklifts provide us with weekly carbon emission and fuel usage summary reports which allow for improved levels of performance and efficiency. Our machinery and equipment on site use biodegradable fluids and oils, a renewable and less toxic alternative to petroleum oils.

Prioritising Sustainability

We announced our three sustainability pledges at our What’s Next? Housing Summit 2020.

By 2025 every Thakeham home will be zero carbon in its lifetime operation, carbon neutral in its production and the Thakeham Group as an organisation will be zero carbon.

Find out more about how we are prioritising sustainability here

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