Leading the industry on climate action

We are taking a highly proactive approach in responding to the climate crisis, setting ourselves challenging targets. Our commitment is to reduce our emissions as close as possible to zero, aiming for a 50% reduction by 2030.

From 2025, all our privately sold homes will be net zero carbon, meaning that carbon emissions from heating, lighting and cooling are zero or below. What’s more, through measuring the embodied carbon emissions associated with the construction of our homes, we will create a baseline from which we will work to reduce this as much as possible.

Net zero carbon homes

Over the course of a year a net zero carbon house generates no net emissions of carbon dioxide. As well as being energy efficient, net zero carbon homes also include renewable energy generation like Air Source Heat Pumps and solar panels.

Lifestyles that reduce carbon footprints

A net zero carbon home includes smart home solutions that are convenient and easy to use. Electric vehicle charging points come as standard.

Easy access to community facilities, cycle networks and public transport encourage lifestyles that have a lower carbon footprint.

An industry leading approach

Our approach to delivering zero carbon homes is far in advance of government targets. It’s why we’re part of the core group in the Future Homes Hub, leading the industry quest for zero carbon placemaking.

At Ockford Ridge, we’re building net zero carbon homes in partnership with Waverley Borough Council.



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