Housebuilder and community creator approved to purchase high-quality carbon units generated by the Heather Corrie Vale wilding project.

  • Heather Corrie Vale, an abandoned former golf course in the Darenth Valley, is a project certified under the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate, a not-for-profit natural climate solution, for which Kent Wildlife Trust is a Trusted Deliverer.
  • Thakeham has been confirmed as an Approved Buyer under the Wilder Carbon Standard for Nature and Climate following an assessment of its long-term plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Purchasing Wilder Carbon units will help Thakeham to fight climate change and boost biodiversity.

A nature reserve in the Darenth Valley which is helping businesses safeguard nature has reached a milestone as the housebuilder and community creator, Thakeham, was the first business from the construction industry to become an approved buyer of carbon credits generated from the site.

The abandoned golf course, Heather Corrie Vale, is at the heart of a landmark initiative developed by Kent Wildlife Trust – Wilder Carbon. The project aims to rapidly scale up native habitat restoration in the UK offering carbon credits to approved buyers.

Heather Corrie Vale is a 50-hectare site situated in an extremely valuable part of the Nature Recovery Network for Kent. It currently consists of grassland, heathland and scrub habitats that have low floral biodiversity, however, through the process of wilding and the use of grazing animals the site will be transformed – locking up carbon and providing space for nature to thrive. The restoration of the site is funded by carbon finance meaning Approved Buyers directly contribute to a project with demonstrable positive outcomes for nature and climate.

Only businesses and organisations that meet Wilder Carbon’s Standard for Nature and Climate can fund and develop projects, and as Wilder Carbon is a not-for-profit initiative the ultimate winners will always be the climate, wildlife and our precious ecosystems.

Heather Corrie Vale is one of the first live Wilder Carbon projects and Thakeham will now directly contribute towards the transformation of the site to become a haven for nature. As an investor, the housebuilder has demonstrated that it meets the Wilder Carbon Standard. The Standard ensures that only those businesses that are taking steps to demonstrably reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change can be involved.

Sarah Brownlie, Wilder Carbon, explained: “This is a significant milestone in both the journey for Wilder Carbon and Thakeham. By purchasing carbon units it is directly contributing towards a certified Wilder Carbon project that will lock up-carbon whilst also improving biodiversity abundance.

“The climate and nature crises are intertwined, and Wilder Carbon projects deliver solutions to both by restoring nature and its natural processes.

“By working with businesses like Thakeham which are showing a real commitment to reducing their own emissions, we can deliver long-term carbon lock-up by restoring our valuable native habits here in the UK.”

Josie Cadwallader-Hughes, Sustainability Director at Thakeham, said: “As a Planet Mark-certified carbon neutral business, we recognise how crucial it is that we continue to reduce emissions whilst supporting high-integrity projects like Heather Corrie Vale. The project is a very short distance from our Kent office so it’s exciting that the team can really get a feel for the impact that is being made and be able to see first-hand the benefits of carbon credits in action.”

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