Supporting the military during Armed Forces Week

During this year’s Armed Forces Week, Thakeham, a South East community placemaker and advocate of the Armed Forces Covenant, highlights its strong commitment to the Armed Forces community.  

To spread awareness and educate our colleagues, Thakeham hosted a ‘Meet and Learn’, inviting a Warrant Officer Class 2 (WO2), to speak with colleagues at our Head Office, Billingshurst. 

Working as a Paramedic Practitioner by day, the Officer is currently working in a GP practice where she deals with around 20 urgent medical interventions per shift. Over the last 34 years, she has also served as a Reserve, working her way up the ranks and leading a unit of 150 soldiers. Her service has taken her all over the world, and while she has never seen active duty, she has flown Black Hawks, completed numerous field exercises and trained other medics in combat conditions, both in the UK and abroad. 

The Reservist shared her journey and experiences over 34 years of service, providing insights into achievements, team building, leadership, transitioning and training opportunities. 

Since pledging to the Covenant in 2019, Thakeham were privileged to receive both bronze and silver awards under the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme. In 2020 we became the first housebuilder in the South East to be awarded the Bronze Armed Forces Covenant award, and the following year we achieved Silver status, due to the policies and partnerships we created and applied.  

These policies and practices showcase how a company can support its colleagues and ensure that those who serve or have served in the armed forces, and their families are treated fairly. Among these measures, Thakeham offers additional paid leave for Reservists and Cadet Force Volunteers.  

HR Director, Liane said:  

“We make sure that our colleagues who serve or have served in the armed forces are given the same opportunities as everyone else.”  

“If they are still serving, we support them by giving two weeks paid leave for Reserves and five days for Adult Cadet Force volunteers.”  

‘’We’re committed to our ongoing support of the Armed Forces Covenant and advocating the benefits of being a forces friendly organisation.’’ 

Senior External Affairs Manager and RAF veteran, Adrian said:  

‘’I think that the Covenant sends a strong message to veterans and Reserves who are looking for opportunities outside the military,”  

“It can be difficult for some veterans to find a new career later in life, but there are so many transferable skills that make them valuable to a business. These include resilience and the ability to think on their feet – they generally work very well in a team situation and have a drive to get the job done.” 

“Esprit de corps is vital in a military situation, but it’s important in a workplace too. There’s a real range of skills in the forces, so veterans can fit into different disciplines.” 

In addition to supporting our colleagues internally, Thakeham has also given time and funds externally. Highlights include: 

  • Donating £3,000 in 2022 to the Naval Children’s Charity to help a local family modify their home 
  • Charity raffle to raise money for Mission Motorsport in 2022, raising £7,000 
  • Facilitating Civilian Attachment Placements here for members of the Royal School of Military Engineers  
  • Hosting a stand at the National Transition Event at Silverstone in 2022 and 2023  
  • Sending circa 50 Pre-Qualification Questionnaires each year to our supply chain advocating armed forces support 
  • Offering considerable flexibility in case of a partner’s deployment, injury or death including paid compassionate leave, flexitime, working from home and additional unpaid leave 
  • Thakeham proudly sponsor Meyrick Cox Day The event, held at The Goodwood Group, welcomes those in the Armed Forces Community who are wounded, injured or sick, to enjoy a day of recovery sport. 


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