Bringing family together at Valeside Keep

After his parents, Fred & Julie, moved to Valeside Keep, Gary and Sharon realised that after years of looking for a new home, Valeside Keep would be perfect for them too.

Fred & Julie’s Story

We had thought about moving several times over the years, however after 59 years in the same home in South London, it was a big decision. We wanted something that was easily maintained and suitable for us as we get older. A bungalow was ideal, but not one that required modernising – and as new bungalows are very hard to find, we were not actively looking.

One of our sons visited a new development close to him in Burgess Hill, and called us to tell us all about the brand-new bungalow he had seen. He convinced us to visit, and we were impressed with what we found at Valeside Keep.

Although apprehensive and emotional about leaving our current home, Thakeham’s Assisted Move scheme gave us the comfort of securing our preferred bungalow whilst the team at Thakeham and our son managed our own sale. A buyer was quickly found and we moved into our new home just a few months after our first viewing.

It’s been lovely settling in here – no DIY, no work to do, just somewhere lovely to live. Guests have commented on the impressive finish and detail of our new home and we’re proud to be able to show it off! To begin with, it was all so new, we felt like we were on holiday, but we are starting to get to know Burgess Hill and the local area and it’s beginning to feel like home.

Although one of our sons was now close by to help us settle in, our biggest challenge had been moving away from our close family in South London. We had loved just popping in to see our other son Gary, and his wife Sharon for a catch-up and to spend time with our granddaughter, so it was a lovely surprise when we learnt that they were also looking at a property at Valeside Keep!…


Gary and Sharon’s Story

We’d been living in South London for over 19 years and looking for a new home for several years, but nothing suitable ever came up. We struggled with misrepresentation online – getting excited after viewing property details, but knowing immediately when visiting homes that it wasn’t what we were looking for.

To make a move worthwhile we needed something spacious and special that would meet all our requirements. We had built an annex for Sharon’s parents to stay in when they came to visit, as they live 300 miles away, and a home with that extra space was important to us. We wanted a detached home, with a spacious south facing garden, in an area we would feel at home in for many years to come.

With Mum and Dad committed to moving, we knew it was time for a change, and in supporting them in their decision, we started to get to know Burgess Hill. We had watched as Valeside Keep took shape and saw how it delivered space, not only as a development with its lovely central green, but with the living spaces, garden sizes and even the garages! We slowly came to realise that it really could work for us too and we could imagine living there.

We hadn’t really considered a new build home as we had assumed that what we were looking for would be out of budget, but fate played its part when a chalet bungalow, came back on the market. We hadn’t considered this style of home before, but with its spacious downstairs bedroom suite it seemed perfect for us.


With our car hidden around the corner for our first viewing, so not to raise Mum and Dad’s hopes, we were shown round the Hindhead chalet bungalow. This time, there was quite simply nothing to disappoint when seeing the home in the flesh, and after years of looking, we realised we were going to move over the road from Mum and Dad!

The support provided in our move to a new home has been exceptional. Our Sales Consultant, made sure we had all the details we needed about our move and we felt he wanted us to have this new home for all the right reasons. We felt supported, from beginning to end.

The Customer Service has been exceptional too, with just a few tiny issues that have been resolved quickly. It’s great to know there’s someone just on the other end of the phone should we need them, and it’s made our move very simple and enjoyable!


The Martins all together at Valeside Keep

We love the atmosphere in Valeside Keep. The spacious nature sets it apart from anything else we viewed and we both don’t feel overlooked, with gardens backed by beautiful mature trees. The sense of space inspired by the central green gives a real village feel. It’s quiet and peaceful, and there’s a real sense of community emerging.

Together, we have explored the surrounding area and we’re loving getting to know Sussex. We’ve explored Ditchling Common, Lewes, Shoreham and Brighton, it’s great to live somewhere surrounded by so many lovely places.

It is incredible to think we now live seconds from each other, with other family close by – we can easily enjoy time together as a family and we feel very lucky.

We love it here, and it’s a real bonus that it’s enabled our family to stay together. Thank you Thakeham!

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