Career Prospects in the Green Economy

Growth in green jobs is inevitable, every sector of the economy will need to be transformed if we are to meet the climate change and nature recovery targets set into UK law. This will require an army of skilled people – from wind turbine engineers, ecologists, sustainability advisors to energy consultants.

What is a green job?

Green jobs are commonly defined as those involved in activities that have a positive impact on our planet – they are roles that are engaged in renewable energy. However, there are many other green roles in emerging sectors of the economy, from urban farmers to green investment advisors; the list is constantly growing.

Green jobs at Thakeham

At Thakeham, we need the skills of those in green roles to build zero carbon homes by 2025, this will include a diverse spectrum of people – from solar PV installers to energy consultants.

In addition to a green workforce, increasingly we search for goods and services that have positive environmental outcomes.

It is also increasingly important that we turn to green specialists for advice in every aspect of how we design, build and maintain the communities we create, from flood prevention experts to future transport advisors. For Thakeham and businesses across the wider economy, every job will eventually be a green job in its own right.

Industry leading partnerships

HBS are industry leading mechanical, electrical and renewable energy specialists. Our shared values are a vital aspect of our partnership for HBS to help us take strides towards becoming net-zero by 2025.

James Bull, Founder and Managing Director of HBS, said:

It’s a great pleasure to be a trusted partner for Thakeham Group to support their industry-leading net-zero plans. We are focused on providing a complete end-to-end solution through our high-quality service and sustainable technology product range to help them deliver zero-carbon ready homes by 2025.

With the UK government setting new carbon reduction targets through the introduction of the Part L and Future Homes Standard, there is going to be a considerable increase in the amount of solar PV being installed by 2025 to ensure all new homes are highly energy-efficient and be zero-carbon ready by 2025.

We make no secret of our focus on zero carbon targets, whilst we have been recognised by national media for our efforts, we have introduced bigger targets of our own which exceed those set out for the house building industry.

Starting a green career

As the opportunities within green jobs increase, Anthony Barron, Sustainability Manager at Thakeham, gives some advice on how to position yourself to benefit from the growth in the arena until the expansion of green roles occur.

“There are a number of paths in to this diverse space. Currently, most green jobs are specialisms that require a particular qualification or a degree. However, there are a growing number of green apprenticeships or training programs. For example, technician apprenticeships with energy suppliers (or heating contractors) will include training in the renewables sector.”

Thakeham’s connection with green roles predominantly lies with our supply chain and internal Sustainability team to ensure we are on our way to Net Zero by 2025.

Anthony Barron, adds:

“Most green jobs don’t exist yet. The best way you can be ready for this is to make decisions in your career now based on what that job might look like in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask about this in interviews, it will show you are thinking about where your career is going. Also, look for jobs and organisations that clearly have a future in this new economy, such as Thakeham. Once on board, find where you can be part of the businesses’ transition and you could carve yourself a fulfilling career that evolves with the changing job market.”

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