£3,000 donation to Naval Children’s Charity

Last year, Thakeham donated £3,000 to the Naval Children’s Charity in order to help a local family   make the home modifications they needed for their son, George.

The Naval Children’s Charity provides support to the children of current and former members of the Royal Navy to ensure that their parents’ service is a source of pride and a positive experience.

The funds from Thakeham have enabled the family to make the necessary changes to their home, which were completed in late 2022. These included making it wheelchair accessible, putting in non-slip flooring and providing a workstation to facilitate the development of George’s skills. The kitchen has also been made into a safe space for George to learn and have fun, with a safety hob, thermostat-controlled safety taps and high contrast plugs to help George learn important life skills, as well as high contrast handles on all drawers and soft-closing doors.

Naval Children’s Charity

Clare Scherer, CEO of the Naval Children’s Charity, said: ”The NCC has been helping George and his older brother, Bruno, for some years and, together with the McMillan family, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Thakeham for its donation towards these truly important home modifications. This generous gift means that George is improving significantly, gradually unlocking his cognitive abilities and improving his confidence as well as helping relieve some of the pressure experienced by his parents. It really has made a big difference. Thank you.”

The donation was part of Thakeham’s wider social value strategy, one aim of which is to build communities that tackle issues such as social cohesion and intergenerational connectivity, among others. The changes to the family home not only increased George’s quality of life but also offered him greater independence and opportunity to develop in all aspects, having a positive long-term impact on the whole family.

George’s father, Andy, said:

”George went straight to his workstation and safely spent hours discovering what is in a kitchen fully for the very first time. It has already made such a difference. George spends over an hour a day at his workstation and is now helping out with food prep a little. We cannot thank you enough!”


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