Downsizing from a bungalow to a home with stairs

“We must be the only 70 year olds to downsize from a bungalow to a house with stairs!” – Dr & Mrs Jones.


We have moved from a four-bedroom bungalow to a three-bedroom house and are getting used to having stairs for the first time in over 40 years. So perhaps not typical downsizers but certainly very happy with our move and very happy in our new Thakeham home.


Moving Heaven and Earth

It’s unbelievable what you can achieve in just eight weeks…when supported by a great team you can buy a new home and move house in this short space of time.

Despite reports saying that moving house is stressful and that downsizing from the family home even more so, our experience could not have been easier. Thakeham moved “heaven and earth” to see us in our new home in the short timescale we were given by our purchasers. Logically it wasn’t going to work – but with hard work, great communication and commitment on both sides – somehow we made it happen and we were the first purchasers to move in at Clayshaw Place, Rudgwick.

We are now happily settled in our fabulous new home at Clayshaw Place – all thanks to the huge amount of support we received from the team at Thakeham which enabled a simple move.


Dreaming of a low maintenance home

We had lived in Loxwood for over 40 years, gradually accepting the maintenance challenges our old bungalow presented us with on a regular basis. Our family had grown, we had extended, modernised, extended further, our two children had moved out – and all the while we dreamed of moving house.

We wanted what a new home could offer – low maintenance and energy efficient. We regularly instructed estate agents to market our bungalow but we found it received limited interest. With potential buyers often very much like ourselves, wanting a low maintenance home and the opportunity to enjoy life without DIY, our much loved family bungalow didn’t quite fit the bill!

In Autumn last year, while on holiday in Italy, we received a call from our agents: could they show someone around the house? Of course we replied, not thinking much of it. To our huge surprise they called back – we had a buyer. Not only did we have a buyer but they wanted to move in, in just a matter of weeks.


The search was on for the dream house

Our search began immediately, online and through the local agents. We were not set on a new home or second-hand house – it was very much about finding something we both liked. We wanted to stay local, all our friends and our social life is based in this area; we also wanted a minimum of three bedrooms, two parking spaces, a manageable garden, and to be part of a small development / community.

We came across Clayshaw Place online and contacted the agents, Roger Coupe. We had not heard of Thakeham but we loved the reviews online – we didn’t imagine we would soon be writing our own testimonial of our experience in buying a Thakeham home!

It was an easy decision to make

We both liked the house and it ticked all the boxes in terms of location, look, feel, space and quality. It stood out from everything else we had seen. This really is a home for life and at our age, you don’t settle for second best. We expect a high level of service and we certainly praise the team at Thakeham.


A welcoming level of personal service

We cannot fault the level of service – both during our purchasing decision and since we moved in. If we needed something, even if out of the ordinary, the team went out of their way to help us. Our experience has been pretty much stress free and it is testament to the whole team at Thakeham – to the pride they take in delivering a great level of personal service and going the extra mile time and time again.

As we were the first to move in, there is still a lot of activity on the development. We have developed a great relationship with the onsite team and would even go as far as to say we will miss them when they are gone! From respecting our privacy, to helping dispose of our rubbish, to helping us move our firewood, to seeing if we needed anything from the local shop…they are a pleasure to have around!

Of course we would recommend buying a new home, just buy a Thakeham one!

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