Downsizing to a more manageable home

When Alan and Thelma decided to downsize to a more manageable home, instead of buying a home together with their daughter Susan, the family found the perfect solution by choosing two homes next to each other at Ghyll Croft, the successful Thakeham development in Newick

With complete independence, and their daughter right on the doorstep, Alan & Thelma have now moved into their new two bedroom bungalow, while Susan lives in her new two bedroom house next door.

“My parents were living in a large bungalow with a big garden and it had become unmanageable, it was the right time to downsize and also the right time for me to make the decision to move closer to them so I could offer daily support.”

“Initially we thought the ideal solution would be to buy a house that could accommodate us all but finding one that would be suitable was not easy.”

As Alan and Thelma had lived in Newick for 19 years, they naturally wanted to stay close to the village centre and their network of friends. It was equally important to choose a manageable home with a smaller garden and no DIY.

Susan visited Ghyll Croft with her parents and the family was delighted to discover their ideal homes and the Thakeham difference.

“We were immediately impressed as soon as we saw the Showhome, the finish was flawless and we loved that everything was included from the carpets with underfloor heating downstairs to the integrated kitchen appliances.

The back garden was was complete with turf and the front garden beautifully planted. We could just move in and start enjoying a low maintenance lifestyle.”

The family were considering The Henfield, a stylish chalet bungalow but when they realised that one of the new bungalows at Ghyll Croft was right next to a spacious two bedroom house, their decision was easy.

“We would buy two properties and be neighbours! We could enjoy our own space in a beautiful brand-new home while staying part of the village community that Mum and Dad loved so much.

From the Sales Consultant, Karen, and the Site Manager, Dan, through to the Customer Care team, our experience with Thakeham has been professional, friendly and helpful.

Thakeham really made our move easy, supporting my parents on the sale of their bungalow with the Thakeham Assist scheme and providing short term storage prior to our move. They really went the extra mile.”

Thakeham Assist is designed to make moving easier by taking the stress out of selling your current property. Once you have chosen your new home,

Thakeham arrange valuations and oversee the marketing for you, then once an acceptable offer has been received, Thakeham continue to manage the sale right through to completion – and they even cover the estate agency’s fees.

“Once our decisions were made, it was an easy journey and we love our new homes, they make life easier and I am there for my parents yet have my own space – for all of us, moving to Thakeham homes at Ghyll Croft has been life changing”

At Thakeham, we are proud of the new communities we create and the new homes that we build. Renowned for premium quality homes enhanced by superior specifications, we are committed to securing a legacy for future generations through properties of elegance and character.

A commitment to quality that can be seen in the unique designs of each house using carefully chosen materials and finishes, that reflect the characteristics of the locality.

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