Conducting our environmental footprint study

We believe our sustainability impact doesn’t stop at the door of our offices, or at the gate of our construction sites. We want to have a positive impact on our employees, and support them to reduce their environmental footprint.

Environmental footprint survey

Recently, we used an all-staff survey to collect data about our employees environmental footprint, with the goal to analyse each of the results and provide three personalised steps to improving their footprint in different areas of their lives.

After analysing the results, we identified that 65% of respondents were considering buying an electric vehicle. Though having an electric vehicle is becoming more common, transport represents nearly one-third of the UK’s total emissions.

A bigger impact

To reduce the barriers that are preventing employees from transitioning away from fossil fuels, as a company we have implemented financial incentives to encourage more employees to choose an electric option in the near future. We are now offering our staff £500 towards the cost of installing an electric car charging point at home, alongside the charging points already provided at our offices. Employees can also choose to have any remaining home installation cost paid out of their salary spread over the following 12 months.

One of our employees, said:
The environmental footprint survey was quick to complete and gave me a great insight into some of the steps I can take to improve my footprint. We’re in the process of moving at the moment and the results of my survey have provided really simple and easy to understand ideas to make a real change at our new home from day one! I love working for a company that supports it’s employees to minimise their footprint, both in the workplace and outside it.
Here is an example of a detailed report that we sent out to each of our employees:
If you would like to find out more about what we are doing, see our Sustainability Strategy.
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