First electric van for a sustainable fleet

Home builder Thakeham has put its first electric van into service as it transitions from a diesel-fuelled fleet. The van represents the start of a fleet replacement strategy which will see the replacement of all vans to electric vans as part of our Net Zero by 2025 commitment.

The combined effect of the new electric vehicles will save more than 2.5 tonnes in carbon emissions – the equivalent weight to one and a half family cars.

The first new Toyota Proace will reduce transport energy costs and cut carbon emissions.

Julian Rooney, Chief Strategy Officer, for Thakeham said:

Colleagues are changing to electric cars because of our lease scheme and the wide availability of electric charging points at our offices and sites. Now we are transitioning the business fleet as part of our drive to decarbonise.

The new electric van continues Thakeham’s commitment to making carbon reduction a priority across the business as it looks to tackle climate change. In 2020 Thakeham launched a new three-fold crusade to become Carbon Neutral by 2025. Specifically, the home developer pledged that every Thakeham home will be zero carbon in lifetime operation, that each home built will be carbon neutral in production, and Thakeham Group will also be carbon neutral in its operations.

Electric Van



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