£200,000 in furlough funding returned to HMRC

Thakeham has voluntarily paid back all the money it received under the Government’s furlough scheme.

Up to 40% of the Billingshurst-based company’s employees were furloughed under the Government scheme introduced to protect jobs during the pandemic.

Rob Boughton, CEO, Thakeham Group, said: “The outlook back in the first Lockdown was shrouded in uncertainty. We were advised that we qualified for Government support through the furlough scheme. Like many businesses, we chose to safeguard jobs and ensure that we complied with COVID health and safety guidelines.

“Since then, the outlook for the construction industry has become much clearer. At our last board meeting we unanimously decided to voluntarily return all the money we have received through the furlough scheme. We have repaid over £200,000 to HMRC.

“We know some larger UK businesses have either returned, or pledged to return furlough money. However, this is rare for a business of our size. We simply believe that other people need this money more than us. Our values must always match those of the national community creator we aspire to become.”

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