7 great benefits of moving to a new apartment

Struggling to decide if apartment living could be for you?


To help you decide, we wanted to highlight some of the key benefits of apartment living.

Whether you’re pondering a new chapter or want to confirm you’re making the right choice, let’s dive into the top perks of new-build apartments that could make your decision a whole lot easier.

The modern, cosy interior of a Thakeham apartment.

1. Great amenities & location

You want your property to feel like a home — not just a place to sleep at night. Socially responsible developers like Thakeham are keenly aware of this need and are responding in kind by thinking far outside of the brick-and-mortar box.

Many apartment developments nowadays will come well-equipped with amenities like outdoor storage, playgrounds, and even leisure centres. You might also get lucky and find a developer that has built a village, with shops, cafés, and more — everything you need, on your doorstep.

Here at Thakeham, our mission has always been to bring residents a sense of community, convenience, and top-tier amenities — all in outstanding locations.

Residents of our Hawthorn apartments, located on our stunning Manorwood development, will have access to the new multi-purpose sports hall, plus two outside courts for padel tennis. We’re also nestled in the desirable and tranquil village of West Horsley, amongst woodland and open countryside, but with easy public transport connections to larger surrounding towns.

The village green at Woodgate, a Thakeham development.

2. A community atmosphere

Yearning for a stronger sense of community? Apartment living could be the key.  With proximity to neighbours, shared village sports, and community hubs, connection comes organically. 

You’ll find that many apartment developments are designed with community in mind, making it easier to form friendships, especially when schools are just a stroll away. It’s like community spirit is built right into apartment living.

At Manorwood, for example, there is an existing and recently expanded Montessori Nursery School on-site!


3. Peace of mind

Another key benefit of new-build apartment life is peace of mind. Developers take their responsibility to residents seriously, ensuring all regulations are met for a secure living environment.

New-build apartments often come with a warranty, including coverage for defects and emergencies, so you can rest easy in your new home. At Thakeham, all of our Manorwood apartments come with a 10 year NHBC Buildmark Warranty, including 2 years of defect and emergency out of hours cover.


4. Energy efficiency

When you move into a new-build apartment, you can generally expect the luxury of new fixtures, fittings, and white goods.

This generally adds up to an incredibly energy efficient home! And improved energy efficiency makes for less money spent on bills — so your wallet will thank you.

We’ve kitted out our Manorwood apartment with superior insulation, low-energy lighting, A-rated appliances, and even a communal electric car charging point as a part of our sustainability commitment.

The modern interior design in the Manorwood homes, featuring sleek cabinetry and vinyl flooring.

5. Instant comfort & modern design

As opposed to second (or third or fourth or fifth) hand homes, new-build apartments offer instant comfort. In other words, you can move in and enjoy your home right away, rather than needing to fix doors, replace lights, and upgrade the decor.

When buying a new apartment, you can generally expect contemporary designs that you can slowly make your mark on, so to speak. 

The Hawthorn apartments at Manorwood feature modern room interiors, soft-close doors, durable vinyl flooring, integrated USB charging points, and more. They’ve all been designed with our signature attention to detail and the highest levels of craftsmanship.


6. An optimised space

Let’s face the elephant in the room — apartments are typically smaller than houses. Needless to say, you won’t have as much space as you could expect in a house with an attic, for example.

But look at it this way: one tends to adapt to their surroundings. So, if you live in a larger space, you’ll often ‘sprawl’ out and fill it — and a lot of this filling is done with clutter. Apartment living encourages a more optimised approach to space and clever built-in storage solutions ensure everything finds its perfect spot.

The Hawthorn apartments have an open-plan feel, with large rooms and space-optimising features. The choice of internal layouts, too, are designed for practical day to day living and entertaining. 


7. Making a great investment

Apartment living isn’t just about the here and now – it’s a savvy investment too. Buying into a blossoming community puts your money to work. 

Thriving neighbourhoods often accompany apartment developments, with plans for schools, shops, and amenities down the road. So you’re not just finding a home; you’re securing a promising future.

A 3D rendering of the exterior of the Hawthorn Apartments by Thakeham.

Hawthorn Apartments at Manorwood

If you’re thinking of making the move, take a look at our Hawthorn Apartments brochure. With sustainability at the heart, we’re incredibly proud of this collection of well-appointed one and two-bedroom apartments built to suit all lifestyles.

Future residents can expect lower energy bills, a comfortable living space, and a modern design — all within the picturesque location of our West Horsley village, Manorwood. 

Find out more about Manorwood here and register your interest to receive updates from us about the upcoming apartments.


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