Successful health & wellbeing initiative

Heath & wellbeing

From the beginning of 2021, Thakeham arranged a calendar of initiatives to help with the awareness and improvement of the health and wellbeing of our employees.

A host of activities

There has been a mix of both physical and mental challenges, chair yoga classes, bring your pet to work day, lunch and learn sessions on a number of topics and issues, drawing lessons, plus a whole host of informative and interactive activities.

A positive impact

What many consider to be “fluffy” or has a stigma attached has actually opened people’s eyes and has had a really positive impact. Nothing was forced and no one was asked to do anything they were not comfortable with, but it’s great that we were able to provide support, tools and techniques that proved to be beneficial to anyone who took part.

Such was the success of these initiatives, along with the importance of enhancing the wellbeing of our people, we have continued to run a number of existing and new, innovative activities for the foreseeable future.

It is important during Stress Awareness Month and beyond, that we can highlight our practices and share ideas for others to consider.

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