Martin Joyce pours 75 foundations in seven days


Thakeham and Martin Joyce Groundworks have enjoyed a long and productive relationship across many Thakeham Group developments. None more so, than at our Thakeham Homes’ flagship development of over 600 homes; Woodgate at Pease Pottage.

Earlier this year, Thakeham challenged Joyce to join them in their ambition to pour 75 foundations in just one week.

Challenge accepted!

Faced with the logistical task of managing 75 deliveries to exact time scales, this was no mean feat.

To pour the foundations, 75 mixes and over 600m3 of concrete needed to be poured over 7 days, weighing 1320 tonnes – that’s the weight of over 100 double decker buses! 

Not only did Martin Joyce Ltd agree to take on the challenge, together, we did it!

In recognition of Joyce’s commitment to Thakeham and the project, particularly the staggering achievement of pouring so many foundations in 7 days, Thakeham invited all Joyce site staff to enjoy a well-earned hot breakfast and listen to a personal thank you from our CEO, Rob Boughton.

There were even t-shirts gifted to commemorate the achievement!

Thank you

Thakeham would like to take this moment to acknowledge the support and effort from all those at Martin Joyce that made this accomplishment possible. We look forward to continued success and partnership as we move onto our third phase at Woodgate.


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