Responsible use of plastics with our supply chain

Thakeham have collaborated with its supply chain in committing to a series of pledges regarding our combined use of plastic. Since the beginning of November this year, specifically during COP26, the pledge swiftly gained 13 signatories who represent more than £90 million of combined annual turnover.

A Plastic Revolution

During November this year, Thakeham published a Plastic Action Plan report in partnership with Planet Mark and Biffa, with the aim to start a Plastic Revolution. The report was the result of a three-month, comprehensive research project at our flagship development in Woodgate, Pease Pottage, West Sussex.

Planet Mark, Biffa and Thakeham collaborated to analyse the specific types of plastic being used on the site, to understand how we can use these plastics more efficiently; with the goal to kickstart a circular economy. Once we had our findings, we produced the report which proudly showcases our plastic action plan, featuring the circular economy and plastic pledge for our supply chain to join us.

In a very short space of time, we gained 13 signatories of our supply chain to the Thakeham Plastic Pledge. Committing them to a more responsible use of plastics through pledges and scheduled activities with Thakeham. Most recently, we held a workshop with them.

Charlotte Cameron, Planet Mark, said:

We’re proud to be supporting Thakeham’s Plastic Action Plan and are thrilled to see many suppliers and contractors sign up to the plastic pledge. This is a positive step in ensuring a solid commitment to the responsible use of plastic, working to reduce the impact across its lifecycle. As the construction industry accounts for a significant proportion of the global demand for plastics, bold actions like this show Thakeham to be positive leaders in the industry.

Thakeham Plastic Pledge

The Thakeham Plastic Pledge, commits the signatories to the following:

  • Working with Thakeham and our supply chain to reduce the volume of single use plastic
  • Minimising plastic waste caused by errors or damage
  • Offering or take part in takeback schemes for plastic materials, packaging containers or protection where possible
  • Offering or using plastics that contain recycled content where possible
  • Training our staff on the sustainable use and disposal of plastics
  • From 2025 being able to measure our impact on plastic so we can set measurable targets to reduce that impact

Levi Wheeler, OnSite Support, Thakeham’s First Plastic Pledge Signatory, said:

Onsite Support are delighted to be working with Thakeham Group by signing up to their Plastic Pledge. We were particularly invested in this initiative, as it is addressing a key issue in the industry. As we all know, UK construction is the second largest contributor to plastic waste and through collaboration with suppliers, companies like Thakeham are really making a difference. Through our PLUS programme, and in working together with Thakeham, we hope to help pave the way forward towards a more circular economy on their sites.


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