A new sustainability partnership with Plantlife

As part of our campaign to lead the housebuilding industry to look beyond the Biodiversity Net Gain metric, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Plantlife – the UK’s leading conservation charity for wildflowers, plants and fungi.

A blueprint for wilder living

This exciting partnership will see us working together on projects that develop our approach to nature recovery and deliver positive outcomes for nature and people, supporting Plantlife’s mission to secure a world rich in plants and fungi.

Plantlife has earnt international respect for their expertise when it comes to wildflowers, plants and fungi – which will be invaluable in the development of our ‘go-to’ guide to nature-rich placemaking for the housebuilding industry that we announced in April.

Together, we will consider how habitat design and vegetation can support self-sustaining habitats that not only provide for fauna, but that bring people joy.

Ian Dunn, CEO of Plantlife, said:

As well as our focus on protecting and restoring thriving plant habitats, communities and species, two of Plantlife’s strategic aims are working in partnerships and connecting everyone with nature.  For over 30 years Plantlife has understood that in order to achieve the scale and pace of change that is needed we need to work with others. Using our knowledge, we enable and support organisations to achieve great outcomes for nature and our partnership with Thakeham is built on this principle. We look forward to working with Thakeham and to applying our combined expertise towards positive conservation outcomes.

Enhancing existing and future developments

Plantlife will also be investigating how the planting around the ponds at our Woodgate development provides for nature. We’ll be taking a closer look at how we can go even further in enhancing the value of the ponds we create on new developments for all kinds of creatures, whilst providing tranquil spots for residents to enjoy.

Plantlife’s expert ecologists will host a virtual town hall with residents to gather their feedback and sessions with our landscaper and management company, to inform future design, planting and long-term management.

Josie C-Thornewill, Sustainability Director at Thakeham, said:

At Thakeham we are excited to be working with Plantlife on a number of biodiversity projects over the next year. We want the places we create to reflect the latest science and understanding for native plants and fungi. Working together with landscapers, management companies and other parts of the housebuilding industry will ensure everyone involved in a development has the skills, knowledge and expertise to play their part in nature recovery.

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