Warninglid students visit their new £4m school

This week, Thakeham gave the students of Warninglid Primary School the much-anticipated tour around their brand new £4m school in Woodgate, Pease Pottage. The staff of Warninglid had an exciting opportunity to have their second tour two months ago, while the school was in construction.

Discovering their new school

No longer needing to put imagination to the test, each classroom is now at a level of completion to be able to fully grasp what their futures will look like at the school. From a brand new climbing frame to the gardening patches at the front of the school, the students had plenty to look at. The afternoon was filled with smiles and laughter as we walked around the school, each child eagerly anticipating to see where their classroom will be.

Building future generations

The attention to detail, exceptional quality of the building and prime location is what makes this such an exciting time for everyone involved. We all looked back at a few months ago when the site contained just a structure of a building, to today – a fully fledged school, right at the edge of being completed. We are so proud to have the capability to gift such a wonderful school to the Warninglid students and staff, as together, we build the future generations to come.

Woodgate Primary School

The new Woodgate Primary School offers the opportunity to open 210 new places for children in Pease Pottage, including all the school children from the current Warninglid Primary School. Woodgate Primary School has made great progress and is set to open at the beginning of the 2021-22 school year.


The Woodgate development is a joint venture between Thakeham Group and Abri. The 45-hectare site is located off Parish Lane to the south of Crawley.

Woodgate includes 619 new homes, a shop and a coffee shop, a community pavilion, a village green and parklands. The development will also provide a home for locally based charity, St Catherine’s Hospice.

More information about Woodgate, including infrastructure and the wide range of community facilities, is available at www.mywoodgate.co.uk

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