We’ve joined Sovereign Network Groups £800m framework

We have secured a placement on an £800m construction framework for Sovereign Network Group (SNG).

Woodgate Apartments - Web Article - Sovereign Network Group - 800m Framework The four-year deal forms part of the G15 member’s ambition to build 25,000 new homes that meet its bold Homes and Place Standard for high quality, environmentally sustainable homes within thriving communities.

The values we share with SNG was a key part of how and why we were successful in securing a placement. As a contractor, we where scored and selected on a rigorous set of criteria including quality, social value, sustainability, health and safety, strong financial standing, contract management and pricing.

SNG was formed in October last year through a merger between Sovereign and Network Homes and has a target to build 2,500 new homes by 2027.

Meanwhile, framework operator Procurement for Housing has started the search for contractors to fill spots on another £800m framework for residential construction. 16 building contractors have been appointed so far to work on its growing new homes programme with a total potential value of £800 million over four years.

The deal lasts four years with an option to renew for two further years.


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