Why stronger net zero targets are essential

The government set out new guidelines at the beginning of this year for all industries to become zero carbon by 2050.

Why stronger net zero targets are essential

Simply, stronger net zero targets are important because it is the speed at which we achieve net zero that effects the level of warming we see. If we want to limit global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees, we need to make progress together to net zero by 2050 at the latest and start reducing our carbon emissions every year, so we can halve them by 2030.

Here at Thakeham, we make no secret of our focus on Net Zero by 2025. Whilst we support the Government campaign, we have introduced bigger targets of our own which exceed those set out for the house building industry.

We have already implemented a raft of pioneering zero carbon measures to lead and inspire the industry response. We stand shoulder to shoulder with other developers who share our ambitious vision for sustainable community creation.

Thakeham is the UK’s first housebuilder on the SME Climate Hub to join the United Nations’ ‘Race to Zero’ campaign and members of the HBF Future Homes Task Force.

Anthony Barron, Sustainability Manager at Thakeham, said:

Setting strong net zero targets is essential if we want to meet the 1.5 degrees target set out in the Paris Agreement and avoid the worst effects of climate change. Therefore we have committed to all our homes being zero carbon in operation and construction by 2025 and being a zero-carbon business by 2025.

Our targets ensure we are addressing all carbon emissions associated with the materials and build process, as well as the energy used in the operation of the home, and important business emissions such as business travel and the energy used in our offices and sales suites.

Energy efficient homes at Woodgate

Our development at Woodgate, Pease Pottage is a flagship for energy efficient homes in the area. By choosing one of our new homes at Woodgate, our residents are choosing to reduce their personal environmental impact.

Each home at Woodgate is four times more energy efficient than an average 1970’s home and seven times more energy efficient than a typical Victorian Terraced home.

UK’s First SME Housebuilder to Join ‘Race To Zero’ Campaign

Thakeham were the UK’s first SME Housebuilder to join the United Nations’ ‘Race to Zero’ Campaign.

The ‘Race to Zero’ is a United Nations’ campaign – driven by science – designed to aggregate leadership and support for a healthy, resilient, zero carbon recovery. The campaign also aims to prevent future threats, create jobs, and unlock inclusive, sustainable growth. Everyone involved have pledged to take action to halve the earth’s greenhouse gas emissions before 2030, achieve net zero emissions before 2050.

Members of the HBF Future Homes Task Force

Thakeham are 5* HBF Home Builders and members of the HBF Future Homes Task Force. The Task Force contains a variety of representatives from across all of the sectors who shape new homes, including: government, housebuilders, utility providers, material suppliers and environmental groups. We will continue our support of the Future Homes Hub as it progresses.

Thakeham have been a driving force within the Task Force to ensure there is bold sector-wide plan for achieving the environmental targets set by the UK government.

Josie Thornewill, Head of Sustainability at Thakeham, said:

It’s so important to show leadership in the face of climate change. Thakeham’s commitments to Net Zero by 2025 are streets ahead of the rest of the industry, which is why we want to share our journey and inspire others to join us. Being a member of the Future Homes Task Force is a great way to showcase our Sustainability Strategy and tackle some of the resistance and obstacles in the industry.

Thakeham believes in sharing knowledge, being the agents for change and inspiring a way forward.

During a time of accelerated conversation about climate change, it is vital for us to be vocal about our net zero by 2025 journey.

To find out more about our Sustainability Strategy, please click here: https://thakeham.com/sustainability/

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