We live our Thakeham values, focusing on the wellbeing of our people, both directly employed and within our supply chain. We actively contribute to the diversification and upskilling of the construction industry sector with inclusive business practices and exemplar training and development.


We’re proud to support the Lighthouse Clubs mission to provide proactive support & resources to construction workers and their families.

A crucial element of the charity’s strategy is to provide a wide range of free and widely available pro-active resources to support the industry.

The charity offers a free and confidential 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline and text HARDHAT service which provides a range of information, guidance and support on a huge variety of wellbeing issues. These services are complemented by their free Self Support App which offers another route to support, along with their Lighthouse Beacons who provide a safe space for people to share concerns.

Their Help Inside the Hard Hat aims to raise awareness of mental health issues in the construction industry and you can join the campaign for better mental health by downloading  free resources and site hoardings artwork from their website.

Training and Apprenticeships

We actively support our teams and subcontractors with training and apprenticeships. In addition to formal apprenticeships, Thakeham aim to further address industry skills gaps via our inclusive recruitment processes and comprehensive in-house training academy – our award winning Talent for Development Programme, which achieved the ‘Discovering Potential Special Award’ at the 2020 Sunday Times awards. We are proud to support service leavers as an Armed Forces Covenant signatory and our long-standing charitable relationship with Mission Motorsport.

Industry Diversity

At Thakeham we are proud of the contribution we make to industry diversity. 39% of our employees in 2020 were female vs. an industry average of 14%. Local social value generation is key to us and, as a successful medium sized company with an extensive network of supply chain partners spread across the South, we are well placed to promote procurement from a local and diverse supply chain for our projects.

Supporting Local SMEs

Our distinctive partnership approach to our supply chain allows us to use and support smaller local companies who might otherwise find it difficult to access opportunities of scale and drives economic social value. In fact, 98% of our subcontractors are SME’s.

Case Study: Portslade

At our Portslade site, all the team live an average of just 12 miles from the development. This ethos has been essential as we seek to help the communities we work in weather the covid-19 economic impact.

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