Background and proposals

Our proposals are for around 125 new homes, in a range of sizes and styles to help people move onto, and up the housing ladder, and for older people to downsize. The development also includes 40% affordable homes.

Some of the key features in the proposal include:

Around 125 new homes, including one, two, three and four bedroom homes to meet the needs of the local community

Compliance with Part L Building Regulations which provide a 31% reduction in carbon emissions over baseline

40% affordable housing for local people, helping people get onto the housing ladder

Minimum ‘target’ of 20% Biodiversity Net Gain on site including bird and bat boxes on homes and hedgehog holes in fences

Multi-functional public open spaces for new and existing residents of Horndean and Catherington, to accommodate outdoor play spaces, attenuation basin and new habitats

Potential Enterprise Car Club where residents will have access to an electric car which they can hireFast electric vehicle charging points on all homes and easily accessible secure cycle storage

A significant reduction in carbon emissions over baseline, supporting the ambitions of East Hampshire District Council’s Climate Emergency

Sustainable forms of renewable energy generation i.e. solar panels and air source heat pumps, where suitable

Pedestrian and cycle route onto Five Heads Road via use of `on-carriageway` facilities, and links towards existing cycle lanes south of the site

The Government requires East Hampshire District Council to deliver a minimum number of new homes per year across the district to meet local needs. The emerging proposals for new homes aims to assist East Hampshire District in the delivery of those homes for local people.


Thakeham is a Sussex-based developer employing over 250 people and several hundred additional local subcontractors throughout the south of England. We deliver sustainable, infrastructure-led communities and are an industry leader on biodiversity and the environment.

In 2022, Thakeham was confirmed as the ‘Best Construction & Engineering Company to Work For’ in the UK and has been recognised for its work with young people and veterans. Very recently, Thakeham has been recognised in the prestigious ‘Best Places to Work 2023’ guide by The Sunday Times.


Thakeham seeks to ensure that its landscape-led development proposals integrate well with the local setting and have a benefit for local wildlife. We will ensure that existing trees and hedgerows are retained wherever possible and plant new trees and shrubs in new green spaces.

New bird and bat boxes will be provided on homes and trees to ensure an environmentally friendly development providing a minimum target of 10% Biodiversity Net Gain.

Thakeham will protect and enhance the wildlife corridor to the south of the site and provide links to existing rights of way.

We are also proposing play provision for children to enjoy.

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