We will deliver 120 net zero carbon homes featuring solar panels, air source heat pumps, electric vehicle charging points and improved transport connectivity for the local community.

Alongside a range of affordable homes for private sale, 30% of the homes built will be affordable homes for local people in housing need. These homes will include affordable rent, shared ownership and discounted market sale.

  • Burgess Hill, West Sussex
  • Net zero carbon
  • Bedrooms 2, 3 & 4 bedroom homes

First net zero carbon development for Mid Sussex

Key features

120 new homes, including one, two, three and four bedroom homes

New affordable homes to help local people get onto the property ladder

Homes feature solar panels, air source heat pumps, wastewater heat recovery and more

More than 10% biodiversity net gain, including new tree and hedgerow planting

New play space, accessible to residents and the wider community

Located near to existing schools, medical facilities and Burgess Hill Town Centre

Electric vehicle charging points on all new homes as standard

Sustainable transport connectivity with the existing local community

Sustainable homes, strong communities

We deliver sustainable, infrastructure-led communities and is an industry leader on biodiversity and the environment.


This will be Mid Sussex’s first net zero housing development of scale. It will set the benchmark for how local housebuilders can better respond to the climate crisis, while meeting local housing needs.

A net zero carbon building is highly energy efficient and powered from renewable energy sources. This means that each year, the amount of carbon emissions associated with each home’s operational energy is zero. This approach exceeds the standards set out in Building Regulations.

Net zero carbon homes will ease the cost-of-living pressures for future residents, as these homes cost far less to heat than the majority of the District’s existing housing stock. With over 76% of the District’s homes heated entirely by gas and less than 0.5% being heated by renewable energy alone, this will help kickstart the transition into a cleaner, greener future.




Our design philosophy sees homes fronting onto green open spaces, and integrating with the surrounding landscape and benefit local wildlife. By providing bird and bat boxes on homes, retaining the most ecologically sensitive areas, and new areas of planting, we will deliver at least 10% net gain in biodiversity, including supporting a nationally recognized landscape-scale recovery project.

We will also deliver our award-winning biodiversity educational programme, Eddie and Ellie in a local school. Helping future generations understand more about the natural environment.



Progress update

February 2024

Pre-development works are now complete across our three phases. This provides a clear path for the construction activities to begin. Initial enabling works involved:

  • Providing safe access to the main field through Willowhurst
  • Installing temporary access gates
  • Establishing a preliminary welfare area.

Work on the construction road and sewers has started. This includes providing full access into the site. We are creating extra turning heads and parking areas for deliveries. Once complete, we’ll move the temporary access gates and soft landscape the entrance.

The first batch of foundations has begun. This will progress with the crane install the pre-cast planks on the ground floors. We plan to erect the first timber frame unit in mid-March.

The sales area should launch around June or July 2024.

We continue to track all deliveries and traffic movements. We have employed a dedicated gateman and more traffic marshals to patrol the local area.

Completion date Spring 2026.

Keymer Road

Land East of Keymer Road and South of Folders Lane
Burgess Hill

Site working hours

Monday to Friday
8.00am – 6.00pm

Saturday (by exception only)
9.00am – 1.00pm

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Keymer Road, Burgess Hill

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    About us

    We are a Sussex-based developer employing over 250 people and several hundred additional local subcontractors throughout the south of England. We deliver sustainable, infrastructure-led communities and is an industry leader on biodiversity and the environment.

    In 2022, we were confirmed as the ‘Best Construction & Engineering Company to Work For’ in the UK and have been recognised for our work with young people and veterans. Very recently, we were recognised in the prestigious ‘Best Places to Work 2023’ guide by The Sunday Times.

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