The meaningful placemaking Thakeham strives for means nothing without the people and the communities that live there or the people that work tirelessly to deliver the quality of product we demand. With family at the heart of everything we do, nurturing and growing the Thakeham Family has always been and still remains hugely important to us. Thakeham recognizes that communicating and contributing to local communities, charities and causes is just as important as ensuring the well-being, happiness and job satisfaction of all of our Thakeham family.

Community Creators

Thakeham has long recognised the importance of creating cohesive communities and as well as the importance of investing in services and assets, sees community business as a vital mechanism to achieve our ambition of being a sustainable, infrastructure-led community creator. The community business model will be used to create truly sustainable and vibrant community hubs that can potentially include retail, café, meeting rooms, co-working facilities, allotments and accessible green spaces.

Find out about our partnership with the Plunkett Foundation here.

Working at Thakeham

Our employees are key to our business. We strive to ensure they are engaged, motivated and happy in the workplace. Maintaining the Thakeham family ethos is key to our success, whatever our growth.

We are delighted to have been ranked #1 Best Construction & Engineering Company to work for in the UK. Read more here.


Giving Back

Thakeham supports a range of local charities and organisations, we recognise this as an important way of giving back to the community. As part of our important promises to the people and the communities we serve, we will work hard to build on our volunteering and charity partnerships.

Measuring our Contributions

We are committed to managing the social value being created in our business for all stakeholders and our Social Value Policy will set out how we will commit, implement and maximise our social value. As Pioneer Members of Social Value UK, we are committed to managing and enhancing the social value being created by our business for all of our stakeholders and supporting our local supply chain. Our social value policy will set out how we will deliver on our commitments and maximise our social value.

In Partnership

Thakeham is proud to work in partnership with leading organisations to realise our sustainability ambitions.

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