Rob Boughton

CEO, Thakeham

Thakeham has grown into one of the most successful developers and placemakers in the South East of England.

What's next?

To conclude the conference, Rob Boughton, CEO the Thakeham Group, summarises Thakeham’s approach and plans for the year ahead and what that means in the context of the industry. Covering the growth for Thakeham of the last year, he discusses how this success will propel Thakeham from a current delivery of 700 homes this year, to 3200 across 4 counties by 2030.

Following his reveal that Thakeham will turnover £125m this year, Rob announces the publication of Thakeham’s 10-year business plan which will be released in the second quarter of this year. Outlining Thakeham’s belief in quality, he discusses the importance of maintaining our current values in place-making, community and infrastructure throughout Thakeham’s growth. Rob touches on Thakeham’s awareness of the challenges that may face the market in the coming year after a possible ‘Boris Bounce’ – but is confident Thakeham has the right tools and partners to overcome these possible challenges.

Rob closes his presentation with Thakeham’s environmental pledges that will underpin the business’s growth. Building on our core values of sustainability and community, it fundamental the business looks at innovative, new and collaborative ways to tackle the environmental issues we face on a global scale. Highlighting the necessity of environmental changes, Rob announces three eco promises relating to Thakeham’s carbon footprint. He uses his conclusion as a call to arms to Thakeham’s partners, contractors and extended family to join Thakeham in the opportunity to make these positive changes within our industry.

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