As a zero carbon community creator and infrastructure-led placemaker, these new homes will be built with the environment and well-being of this new community considered at every stage of design and production. With woodland trials, new facilities for sports clubs and a new country park, this new community will boast more than 135 acres of open, green space, while also delivering infrastructure, education facilities and affordable housing.

Community Facilities

Community is at the heart of good placemaking and this scheme will be no exception. Providing on-site facilities, such as primary and secondary schools, public open and play space, a country park for the wider community and a new home and focal point for existing sports clubs by providing new sports facilities. These include a stadium, training academy and gym alongside rugby, football and hockey pitches.

In partnership with the Plunkett Foundation, we will provide a community-owned and run community shop and café, with the premises gifted by Thakeham to a Community Trust. There will also be shared work/office facilities, allowing residents to be invested and involved.


A Vibrant Community

Our vision is to create a sustainable community designed on the NHS Healthy New Towns principles. As one of only 12 organisations selected to become a member of the network, Thakeham is committed to delivering the Healthy New Towns ideals, prioritizing health and wellbeing and creating a healthy, vibrant neighbourhood of the future.

All the homes will be zero carbon in lifetime operation and each home built will be carbon neutral in production.

A community with green spaces for local families  we will create a sustainable community delivering a net bio-diversity gain of at least 10%.

Sustainable Construction

Thakeham is leading the change in the construction industry towards zero carbon construction. All Thakeham homes will be carbon neutral in construction and zero carbon in lifetime use by 2025.

Our environmental strategy focuses on: Climate Change, Nature Recovery, People and Communities.

You can read more on our efforts here.

This will be a neighbourhood of the future, with forward-thinking design and consideration to maintain a healthy, thriving community for generations to come.

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